20 May 2012

New Madrid goes to Philly

We haven't been to Philadelphia in quite a long time, so we're very excited to return. Especially, since every gig we've played there has been met with warmth and awesome dance moves by the locals. On Wednesday, May 30th, we're playing The Fire with Chappo, also from Brooklyn. So, it's sure to be a rocking night.

On other news, Radio Tranquila is going strong and reaction has been wonderful. If you haven't heard it, just press play on the widget to the right of this post. If you've listened to it already, do it again.

Para Philadelphia nos vamos ya!

Erik Barragan

07 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo Show

Photo by Kim Tova
Our Cinco de Mayo Single Release Party was a success! Thank you all for your support, for your cheers and your amazing dance moves. A huge thank you to the three bands who shared our bill: Jác, The Disfunction and New Beard. The night wouldn't have been what it was without you. Click on their links and check them out!

Also, Radio Tranquila, our new single, can be streamed through our music player to the right of this post. I suggest you play it very loudly and dance to it; if you're at work, play it twice as loud and do the Elaine Benes dance.

Enjoy some pictures! (All photos by Kari Pepper except otherwise.)

Photo by Kim Tova

Photo by Cherise TrahanMiller

Erik Barragan

05 May 2012

New Single for You

Damas y caballeros!

Radio Tranquila is out of it's cage. In the box titled "Musica", to the right of this post is our music player; there you will find Radio Tranquila. We are proud to present it.

Tonight, at our Cinco de Mayo Single Release Party at The Bowery Electric, we'll be handing out our super high res single free of charge. Also, we'll be selling our New Madrid T-Shirts, customized by Axel Ito himself. New Madrid goes on at 10pm, but the bill starts with The Disfunction at 8pm followed by New Beard at 9pm. Nos vemos pronto!

Erik Barragan

02 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo Promo

After rehearsing our set, Axel and I jammed on a song we've been working on. Anthony shot and edited some video of us. Voila! New promo for our Cinco de Mayo! Single Release! Show! at The Bowery Electric. You're going to fucking love Radio Tranquila. Es que se puede bailar. That's all I'm saying.

New Madrid goes on at 10, but the bill begins at 8pm with The Disfunction from Puerto Rico, New Beard from Brooklyn at 9pm, and Nuevo Madrid a las 10pm. That means New Madrid at 10pm.

See you soon.


Erik Barragan

26 April 2012

Radio Tranquila

Our new single, Radio Tranquila, reveals darkness in New Madrid. But, you can dance to it.

The past few months were quiet ones. Well, quiet on the surface. Our attention was focused on recording, writing, taking care of inner turmoils and evolving. It'd be easy if life was just the stage instead of sacrifices and wake up calls. But, that's why we have art. Our shriek in the vacuum of space. Radio Tranquila is our work; a song we've gotten to know so intimately, and speaks to what New Madrid is as a concept and a band.

This Cinco de Mayo is our Single Release Party. Radio Tranquila is free that night. Because you've been there for us; you've sang along; you've gotten on stage and danced your ass off, this is our gift. Our latest work.

Erik Barragan

16 April 2012

Single de Mayo!

Radio Tranquila is ready! Our new single; our first time working with a producer; we can't wait for you to hear it. It sounds dark, sexy and fun. Working with Inti was not only a pleasure, but a learning experience. Here's to future endeavors. And an upcoming EP. Salud!

The release party will be at The Bowery Electric, on Saturday May 5th. Come one come all.

Erik Barragan

09 April 2012

Cinco de Sexy!

Hola amiguitos,

Have you felt our absence? We've been hard at work on music and life, y estamos listos para nuestro retorno. On Saturday, May 5th at 10pm, New Madrid is coming back to The Bowery Electric for our yearly Cinco de Mayo Show. New songs, surprises, new guitar, new sexy. See you all there.

Erik Barragan

27 February 2012

National Anthem Project: Panama

Hola amiguitos, this week lets travel to Panama. Panama unites South America and Central America; it is the home of the Panama Canal; and home of salsa icon Ruben Blades. I've pasted Pedro Navajas right below, one of the most popular salsa songs of all time, and written by Blades.

The Panamian National Anthem is titied Himno Istmeño, music by Santos Jorge and lyrics by Dr. Jeronimo de la Ossa.

Himno Istmeño

Alcanzamos por fin la victoria
En el campo feliz de la unión;
Con ardientes fulgores de gloria
Se ilumina la nueva nación
Con ardientes fulgores de gloria
Se ilumina la nueva nación

Es preciso cubrir con un velo
Del pasado el calvario y la cruz;
Y que adorne el azul de tu cielo
De concordia la espléndida luz.

El progreso acaricia tus lares.
Al compás de sublime canción,
Ves rugir a tus pies ambos mares
Que dan rumbo a tu noble misión.

En tu suelo cubierto de flores
A los besos del tibio terral,
Terminaron guerreros fragores;
Sólo reina el amor fraternal.

Adelante la pica y la pala,
Al trabajo sin más dilación,
Y seremos así prez y gala
De este mundo feraz de Colón.

Erik Barragan